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Valencia metro accident

On Monday 3 July 2006 at 1 p.m., a metro derailment occurred in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. The driver took a turn at a speed twice above the authorized limit. The metro derailed, crashed against the wall and the front portion of the train turned upside down. Among the 150 passengers, 43 died, 47 were wounded.

The local authorities stated that the excessive speed was the only cause of the tragedy, while others started to point elements of negligence. The crash scene was known as dangerous and in 2003 a previous accident had already happened. However no automatic emergency system stopping the train in case of excessive speed was implemented. The weakness of the emergency system made the Valencia metro 40 times more dangerous compared to the others Spanish network.

On the other hand, the local authorities were accused of trying to undermine the accident: the regional public channel did not mention the crash that killed 48 inhabitants. The firm managing the metro was accused to influence both the technicians and the victims. A parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the crash causes was launched only months after the crash. It was the shortest parliamentary inquiry ever in the region. Neither the politicians and nor the technicians were found guilty. On the other hand, the judiciary inquiry was closed because of a lack of evidence.

But the extremely active association of victims, la Asociacion de Victimas del Metro 3 de Julio (AVM3J), managed to reopen the case. In June 2014, three directors of the metro were called to testify. One petition was addressed to the European parliament in order to include the local transports in the scope of the security norm of train transport.

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