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TUI coach crash

An accident occurred in the Dominican Republic on June 7, 2012 at a level crossing, between a bus carrying travelers and a freight train.

The bus was carrying 28 French passengers, amongst whom 2 were living in the Mauritius Island. They had bought a package tour for a trip to the Dominican Republic organized by TUI France.

At the level crossing, the bus collided with a freight train. The accident occurred at 19:10 local time while tourists were transferred from Punta Cana airport to the hotels in the area of Bayahibe.

At the time of the accident, the field of vision around the crossing was clear and nothing obstructed the view. The crossing was not equipped with a barrier but a light signal (red light), an audible signal (siren) and visual signals (panels "STOP").
Following the accident, three people died and twenty-five others were injured.

The exact causes of the accident have yet to be determined. Following the opening of an investigation, it seems that the bus did not respect the signals indicating the approach of the train at the crossing.

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