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Spanish disaster victims’ associations reunited !

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SOS Catastrophes welcomes and will support the project of Spanish associations of various disasters to work together in order to improve victims’ care and allow the progression of truth disclosure on the causes of a disaster.

This very positive initiative is due, in particular, to the determination and commitement of our vice-president Pilar Vera.

Spanish disaster victims’ associations have reunited under the Spanish Victims’ Network, REVES, in order to be heard by the Spanish political parties. The associations of the Spanair crash (2008), the Valencia metro accident (2006), the Alvia accident in Santiago de Compostela (2013), the Yak-42 disaster (2003) and the Conso family, feel they have been ignored, forgotten and ill-treated. Hence, they have recently met in Madrid to demand respect, justice, memory and truth.

Indeed, in the last eleven years, Spain has lost 247 people in tragic disasters. The REVES spokesperson, Curra Ripollés, expresses the need for the victims to find truth and determine the responsible party in order to avoid a similar tragedy in the future.
According to Pilar Vera, the president of the association for the victims of the Spanair crash, a different attitude from the government, is not, for the families, a matter of economic advantage but rather a matter of respect and rights. “Families cannot accept lies from political parties.”

Maria Teresa Gomez-Limon, from the association of the Alvia train victims that killed 79 people, accuses the prosecutor in charge of the case of not defending the victims but favoring the accused parties because of their powerful positions. She also accuses Spain to fail in the guarantee of the separation of powers.

In that context, the different associations have drafted and signed a manifest with various proposals and petitions, amongst which is the creation of a work group that develops the European status of victims.
Furthermore, the manifest advocates the creation of a National Security Council, within the Chamber of Deputies, that would investigate on both internal and external disasters. The creation of a European Victims’ Office has also been proposed to the political parties that were represented in the elections of May 25th. The manifest requires that the European Victims’ Office have a set in the European Parliament, in order for it to support and help any European citizen suffering from a tragedy.

For Pilar Vera, these demands come closer to achieving her dream of reuniting Spanish victims. In her view, whilst security measures are expensive, human life is precious enough to justify these expenses.

SOS Catastrophes will be glad to work along with this new Spanish association that it will accompany throughout its development. Indeed, helping the implementation of national victims’ structures is one of the missions of our European network.

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