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Scientific study on the psycho-social consequences of disasters

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SOS Catastrophes - European Network gathers victims from various disasters that occurred in different and unique circumstances. Furthermore, we know that depending on the countries, the processes of psychological help and support are different, and in some cases, they are not completely developed.

When one sole disaster involves citizens from different European Union Member States, it is inadmissible that the help given is different from one victim to another.
Our experience shows many common points in the victims’ feelings, needs, expectations and difficulties.

One of the aims of SOS Catastrophes – European Network is to promote a number of « good practices » that all the countries and companies facing a disaster could use in order to help victims.

This objective implies to underline the needs and difficulties, both on the psychological and social level.

This is the reason why SOS Catastrophes – European Network will lead a scientific study to register and analyze the psycho-social consequences of a disaster on the victims and their relatives.

A first study has just been launched in cooperation with the University Paris Descartes for France and aims at being held in many European countries.

Through a better understanding of the victims’ experiences and the aftermath of a disaster in their lives, public authorities and companies will be able to bring answers allowing for resilience

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