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SOS Catastrophes in a stakeholder consultation for POP-ALERT

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SOS Catastrophes participated in a stakeholder consultation for POP-ALERT, a project financed by the European Commission

Because of its expertise, SOS Catastrophes was invited by the POP-ALERT consortium to participate in a stakeholder forum workshop on November 26th in Brussels. The objective of the POP-ALERT project is to prepare societies and populations to cope with crisis and disasters in a rapid, effective and efficient way by blending traditional crisis preparedness and first reaction strategies with the use of innovative and contemporary tools.

The project develops mechanisms on how best to alert and support actions by citizens under crisis conditions in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings using generic methodologies, strategies, training, and a mix of technologies designed to improve population preparedness and increase community resilience. POP-ALERT notably seeks to improve the current practices revolving around the use of messaging and cultural sharing technologies and approaches that offer the best form of accessibility and penetration by citizens and authorities.

The POP-ALERT consortium is led by the University of Greenwich as the Project Coordinator and the European Organisation for Security as the technical and Operational Coordinator with the support of 9 other partners from 6 different European countries.
It is a project financed by the European Commission’s 7th framework programme which runs from 2014 to 2016.

To learn more about the POP-ALERT project:

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