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SOS Catastrophes attended the 2015 European Civil Protection Forum on May 6 and 7

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The European Civil Protection Forum organised by the European Commission every two years is the largest recurring public event on European civil protection cooperation.

The event brings together the European civil protection community with a view to take stock of common achievements in the disaster risk management field, to share best practices and ideas on issues of common European and international interest, and to discuss ways of addressing new challenges together. The Forum is also an important tool for strengthening cooperation with the EU strategic international partners and the European neighbourhood. More than 500 politics, academia, civil protection authorities, first emergency responders, international organisations and other stakeholders gathered in Forum.

This year’s Forum features a two-day conference and an indoor and outdoor exhibition, all under the central theme of “Partnership and Innovation”.

The Partnership theme covered the EU traditional partners such as representatives of the European and UN institutions and authorities from around the world (i.e. civil protection and emergency response organisations in the EU Member States, the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency, Japan, Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN, European Neighbourhood countries), but also new partners, such as private companies, non-governmental organisations, academia, scientific institutes, European cities and regions…

The Innovation theme focused on new technologies (e.g. unmanned aerial systems, social media, security, smart cities), as well as the links with research and development, and innovative ways of engaging with communities and various organisations.

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