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Our goals

In the face of disaster, victims often feel alone, abandoned and powerless.

SOS Catastrophes - The European Disaster Victims Network’s mission is to facilitate mutual assistance between disaster victims and promote solidarity within the community in response to such tragedies.

A large number of European disasters have transnational implications, in both magnitude and reach.

To bring to these disasters only national answers appears exceedingly ineffective, unfair, inequitable and thus against a common interest of the victims in Europe.

The Network’s aim is to implement of high standards in the entire array of support offered to disaster victims.

Finally, all the disaster victims share the same concern: collective security. The ambition of the Network is to be an actor in the prevention of collective risks at the European level.

The creation of the Network does, by no means, intend to replace local actions of existing national structures. The Network aims to participate within the current system as point of relay and coordination between victims.

In case of an European wide disaster, the Network may ensure a coordination of these actions.

Statutes - Article 3:

"The Network pursues the following on-profit goals of international scope on behalf of any victim of a disaster occurring in a European country and any European citizen who is victim of a disaster arising in the rest of the world:

- To create mutual support group for European disaster victims, in particular by advising members of their rights and by facilitating the exchange of experiences and information;
- To create solidarity for the victims of disasters in Europe, in particular by the development of high quality services and efficient support for disaster victims throughout Europe;
- To represent the collective interests of the victims of disasters to European institutions, among which the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, as well as to any international organization or firm dealing with the consequences of a disaster;
- To ensure access to quality justice for victims in all European countries;
- To promote fair and equal compensation for all damages to victims across Europe, regardless of their nationality or the country of occurrence of the disaster, , that is transactional or judicial;
- To contribute to the search of the causes of a disaster and that all the consequences are taken into account and learned upon, in particular with regard to the collective security;
- To assist in any action or debate concerning the improvement of risk prevention and safety;
- To encourage, to support, to promote and to develop the creation of national structures for victims of disaster."

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