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Luxair crash

Luxair Flight 9642 was a flight from Tempelhof International Airport, Berlin, Germany, to Luxembourg-Findel, Niederanven, Luxembourg, near Luxembourg City.

On 6 November 2002, LX-LGB, a Fokker F50 aircraft on the route crashed and burned on final approach to the airport about 6 nautical miles (11 km) short of the runway while trying to land in the fog. Twenty of the twenty two passengers and crew perished.

Lufthansa had a codeshare on the flight as LH2420. The accident was the first fatal accident in Luxair’s history.

Cause of the crash : The cause of the crash is not completely determined. The preliminary report, as well as the final report, suggests that a series of non-standard actions resulted in severe loss of airspeed due to the propeller blades being accidentally switched into reverse position. The aircraft subsequently impacted 6NM (11 km) short of the runway. Contributing to the accident were errors concerning the implementation of a safety recommendation which had been made by the manufacturer to Fokker 50 operators. Also this warning was not adequately communicated to the flight crews of Luxair.

Nationalities of passengers and crew :
French nationality : 2
German nationality : 15
Luxemburg nationality : 5

One Frenchman, fifteen Germans and four Luxembourgers were killed.
The trial began on 10 October 2011. The verdict was delivered on 27 March 2012. On March 27, the judge issued a 42-month suspended sentence for manslaughter to one Luxair pilot, while three senior staff were acquitted of any involvement in the crash.

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