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In memory of victims of flight AF447

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Five years ago, the Airbus A330-200 from the flight AF447 Rio-Paris, which had taken off on the night of May 31st 2009, crashed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, leading to the death of the 228 passengers and crew members.

As every year, a ceremony was organized around the stele established in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

This day, which has gathered 300 relatives from all over Europe has been both a moment of prayer and interaction.

Stéphane GICQUEL and John CLEMES, president and general secretary of SOS Catastrophes were present.

A representative of the transport Minister has spoken to remind the actions of France towards the ICAO in order for the safety provisions emanating from the BEA (French Investigation Bureau) to result in concrete actions.

It is particularly the case for the issues related to the real time tracking of flights and the improvement of devices allowing to find a plane in case of accident.

During this day, everyone had in mind the loss of the MH370 flight, a tragedy that has common particularities with what the relatives have lived during the 2 years necessary to find the AF447 wreckage.

We, of course, have kind thoughts directed to the relatives of the MH370 victims.

The CEO of the Air France Company has reminded all the solidarity and support of the company to the families of the victims. The representatives of the different religions have then spoken, before the relatives read a tribute text of remembrance.

In a silent full of emotions, the names of the 228 victims have been read out loud, in order to never forget who they were.

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